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Hi everyone,

I'm doing a calculation of the cosine similarity and added the 'write excel' operator at the end of my process.
First I import the data and define one row of my excel file as the ID (in the Edit Data part, the blue row in picture 1).
RapidMiner ist writing my ID in the excel file but on the right side of my table. Can I get RapidMiner to write the ID at the left side (first coloumn of my excel file)?

Thanks and best regards,

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    varunm1varunm1 Moderator, Member Posts: 1,207 Unicorn
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    Hello @kathi

    You can use "reorder attributes" operator. If you cannot see ID in attribute list, make it a regular attribute using set role and then attach it to reorder attributes and write to excel.

    I attached modified .rmp, you can make changes in the set role and reorder attribute.

    Hope this helps. Please inform if you need more information

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    KathiKathi Member Posts: 11 Contributor I
    Hi Varun,

    it's working. Thank you for your help!

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