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My apologies, I'm sure this is very simple but my retarded brain is struggling.

I'm looking at a colleagues rapid miner file, which is quite large. I'm trying to find certain operators (I think that's the correct term)... such as Filters that he has called things like "Filter All XXX" where XXX is a name.

That operator might be buried 8 levels deep in subprocesses, and finding it a time consuming process. The global search doesn't seem to return anything I'm finding useful.

How do I locate it quickly?


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    AibynnAibynn Member Posts: 2 Newbie
    Thanks for your response.

    I'm a bit surprised there isn't a way to find something by name, but I understand your option. I just built a quick script to pull everything out of the XML file and traverse it backwards and print everything out, kind of with a tree view so I can find things easily.

    Thanks again!
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