When connect to MongoDB date time data are converted to unix timestamp, How come?

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    hi @Taa hmm I have no idea why that is being converted to epoch time but it's easily remedied with the Numerical to Date operator. :smile:
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    if I remember it was because in the mongoDB entries it wasn't possible to store dates consistently.
    As Scott correctly pointed out, parsing the dates afterwards can be easily done. The other way round (transforming the date into a String of your desired format) can be done with Generate Attribute.

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    Mongo date format is ISO UTC format on display, but in reality just a numeric value. So when you import the date format is the numeric representation. As already mentioned numeric to date format converts it back to a date format, but basically it remains the same number behind the scenes.

    Storing a date back to Mongo is therefore easiest done by using the numeric Epoch format and adding .$date to your attribute. Mongo will then nicely convert it again to ISODate format.
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