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Hi everyone!

Is there a way to score the model in fewer clicks, via some interface like the one in the Deployment view? A client I'm working with wants to score his data, but he doesn't want to go inside the process and input the data manually. The Deployment view is out of the question to this client, he doesn't want to use it.

Thank you in advance.

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    RapidMinerUser12RapidMinerUser12 Member Posts: 11 Learner I

    Thank you for your reply.

    The deployments view, while very useful, to my current understanding only works with AM models. This model was developed manually, and now the next step is putting it in production and scoring it. That's why I was wondering if there was a simpler way to score it than to input those new datasets and the "Apply Model" operators manually.

    Thank you.
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    Thanks for getting back to me on the Why-Not-Deployments question...  I have a follow up but will post it in the other thread :-)
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