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I have a model that needs to be registered for production - I need some metadata about the model to be registered to a database table.
This metadata includes a generated unique id, the model name (user input), the model description (user input), and some other variables, like is_active (can have "active", "inactive", and "on_hold" values) and is_main (can have "main" or "challenger" values). 
So my idea is to generate an example set in RM that would be appended to the database table with metadata.
As far as I am informed, there's no exact way to extract metadata from a process.
Is there a way to make the data entry easy on the users? The business users really don't want to go into the process flow and type in all of the variable values by themselves - except for the model name and description. So maybe something like a dropdown list for the is_active and is_main variables, so we can make sure they never do a typo?

Thank you in advance.

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    a suggestion words..associate with history..
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