data visualization to convince the stakeholders in company the top 10 countries.

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how can i analyze top 10 profitable countries in demographic  given data , in rapid miner ?


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    RapidMiner has Map visualizations. You could easily load your data into RapidMiner and switch to Visualisations in TurboPrep and plot your demographic data on the maps(as shown in the screenshot here)

    Hope this helps.


  • UROOJRAFFATUROOJRAFFAT Member Posts: 17 Learner I
    Thanks but how to see top 10 profitable countries  based on demographic data?
  • UROOJRAFFATUROOJRAFFAT Member Posts: 17 Learner I
    but how can i see visualization on demographic data? with which graphs. thanks
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    There are a variety of ways to do this - you might consider a bar graph, and then color the bars in the graph by your "Profit" metric - the coloring of the bars will tell the story. Assuming your demographic attributes are described with text values (say you have an "Education" attribute with 4 possible values - "Phd", "Masters", "Bachelor", "High School") each bar could represent the value of any continous (i.e. numerical) metric (such as "Average Age", or any other numerical attribute in your data) broken out by "Education" (you would see 1 bar for each possible value for "Education"), but still be colored by "Profit", which would already tell you quite a lot.  Hope this helps, and best wishes, Michael Martin 
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    hello and thanks for your help but data is all about population and gdp,
    i have mobile subscribers , population of urban, population total, gdp , gdp per capital, country , internet users , years, how/where can i  use statistical matrix and visualization to see which 10 countries have high sales in , with which we can create visualization by using these columbs , how can i predict the accuracy/rational  that my result is correct , should i also have to include rural population as well .
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