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In the process of detecting outliers how do I know / highlight which attributes are outliers. Example: I know I can use the Detect Outlier (LOF)  component but it highlights the entire line as outliner. How do I know within the line which of the attributes is really nonstandard ... which of the attributes are really outliers?

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    Hi @Jeffersonjpa,

    In addition to the solution from @User146561 you can use the Tukey Test operator from the Operator Toolbox extension. This operator only calculates attribute specific outlier scores. Obviously it does not take into account any dependencies between the attributes to determine the outlier score for each example. But you maybe can combine both and check for Examples with a high LOF-score, what the score of the different tukey tests are. This is of course only a hint, which attributes may contribute to the LOF-Score.

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