General guidelines to the use of Parameter Optimization for SVM.

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Certain learners have infinite possibilities of configuration and the task seems daunting.

So what are some guidelines on how to proceed with this step of model creation? Right now I am trying to optmize a SVM and while AutoModel gave me a starting point on that, it seems there is much more to test. How should I tackle this? What are usually effective parameters to tune in a SVM and are there recommended ranges for them?

Bear in mind that for my application I could leave a model running overnight without problems. But I am trying to understand the best I can the problem and try to avoid brute forcing it if possible.

I am on a 8750h CPU w/ 16 gb RAM

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    there's also the recommendation to try C in logarithmic steps from e. g. 0.0001 to 100. 

    Example with Optimize Parameters (Grid):
    Min: 0.0001      Max: 100     Steps: 6          Scale: logarithmic

    Changing C in these steps likely gives you a better information on the optimum value. But you should also try the default setting of 0, because that uses some heuristics to determine a good value. 


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