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Hi all!
I'm following this (see link below) guide and at point 3 of Quick Start, so when I try to initialize the extension, there is a problem: building process stays at 50% for the eternity and, as you can see in the screenshot (I used "--debug"), there is nothing wrong except for a "[WARN]" that should not be there. In fact, if I clone the project from GitHub, there are no src and blabla subfolders and files like the one in that warn. What can be the problem?
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    esimoneesimone Member Posts: 5 Contributor I
    Oh god, it worked...
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    Just a follow-up, we released a new version of the gradle extension plugin (version 0.9.4).
    The new version will be part of the template extension very soon.
    If you update the dependency in your build.gradle file from 0.9.3 to 0.9.4, the input should be more visible (depending on your setup, there is a pop-up dialog). Also we added a flag noInput, so that there will be no user interaction necessary when it is active.

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