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After installing rapidminer server version 9.5 and then tuning  "jobagent.container.memoryLimit" at file agent.properties. I test run jobs but show status pending and jobs not working.

Detail edit file agent.properties
# Number of Job Containers
jobagent.container.count = 8

# Memory limit per Job Container (in MB)
jobagent.container.memoryLimit = 20480


Are there any details that I need to adjust further?
In order to continue the work to run.

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    wanwisa_wiwwanwisa_wiw Member Posts: 2 Learner I
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    After I watched the recording, I discovered the cause of the problem and the problem solve.
    The reason is configuration greater more than the area of ​​allowed memory by the current license.

    Thank for your support.


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    mmichelmmichel Employee, Member Posts: 129 RM Engineering
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    Hi wanwisa_wiw,
    could you upload the agent.log file? Otherwise it's hard to guess what's wrong here.
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