PISA 2018 - Analysis of Large Scale Educational Assessment

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There are any number of guides to assist in the analysis PISA data and packages in R such as  intsvy (An R Package for Analyzing International Large-Scale Assessment Data), see an example here on R-bloggers "intsvy: PISA for research and PISA for teaching", November 14, 2017 by smarterpoland

PISA is topical at the moment as the results were issued just a few days ago and I'm looking for insight beyond the published reports. The OECD has published a comprehensive PISA 2018 Database.

Has anyone done any work in this space using RapidMiner? Specifically, I'm looking to use the student and school data sets to perform an analysis within country at the system level.


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    For more info see here: oecd.org  httpoecdorgpisadatabase-instructions (apology the forum will not permit me to post links).
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    hi @DataEdLinks it is good to see you here. Prior to working full time for RapidMiner, I was a data consultant for K12 independent and international schools; I am quite familiar with PISA and saw on the news that the most recent results came out as you say.

    I would need to dig through my old stuff to find any work I did with PISA specifically but honestly I do not recall the data being terribly valuable to my work. Everything I was doing was on the school-teacher-student individual level, rather than comparison of aggregate results. I focused mainly on growth metrics.

    Hope that helps. Happy to chat more about this.


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    My interest is at a state and system level (actually by country by state by system). 

    PISA doesn't tell much at the de-identified school/student system but much can be gleaned by aggregating the data. 

    The work is of significant interest, see:

    There will be many ed researchers and system level officials grappling with the PISA data on an attempt to glean insight.
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