Python Scripting Extension version 9.5.0 is live!

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Good news everyone!

We have just released a new version of the Python Scripting Extension. It contains a bunch of great improvements so I encourage you all to update/download and give it a go. You can get it here.

Here are the highlights:

  • Data handover between RapidMiner and Python has been reworked, fixing several bugs reported by users (such as handling multiline text, special characters in attribute names, timezone in date types and empty values correctly). We also made it faster! (Note: new compatibility level introduced to ensure we donโ€™t break existing behavior)
  • It is now possible to expose processes containing Execute Python operators as webservices on Server!
  • Macros are now handled consistently in inline scripts and files
  • Execution robustness has been improved on Linux and Mac
We have also published a new version of our python-rapidminer Python library on GitHub, which allows you to access the RapidMiner repository and execute processes right from your Python code.

Enjoy! And as always, we welcome any and all feedback :)

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