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I have a python script to create ABAQUS model and run a job.

I want to create a loop over a variable


create four different models and run the four jobs for each model.

A model is named 'Model-1' for instance in the following line:

mdb.models['Model-1'].ConstrainedSketch(name='__profile__', sheetSize=sqrlen) 

In creating a loop, I create a string as follows: 

modelname='\''+'Model' + index+ '\'' 

# Square Part is created <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.dgcustomerfirst.review/" title="Link: https://www.dgcustomerfirst.review/">dgcustomerfirst</a>
mdb.models[modelname].ConstrainedSketch(name='__profile__', sheetSize=sqrlen)

When I run the script in ABAQUS, it gives error saying 'Model1'as follows:


  File "d:/abaqus_working_directory/scripting_example/simulation/scripting_loop.py", line 22, in <module>
    mdb.models[modelname].ConstrainedSketch(name='__profile__', sheetSize=sqrlen)  #### sqrlen
KeyError: 'Model1'
Exit from main file  [Kernel]: d:/abaqus_working_directory/scripting_example/simulation/scripting_loop.py

I want to use the string modelname( with value ='Model-1') instead of writing 'Model-1' in the python script


when it is called.

Any help is deeply appreciated.

Sincerely, Me.



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    btamasbtamas Employee, Member Posts: 11 RM Team Member

    without the full code, it is hard to tell, what is the exact problem. However 
    KeyError: 'Model1'
    means, that the 'Model1' object is not defined in your dictionary. You have to first create a 'Model1' element, to access its properties:
    <div>mdb.models['Model1'] = <my-abacus-model>
    </div><div>mdb.models['Model1'].ConstrainedSketch(name='__profile__', sheetSize=sqrlen)</div>
    <my-abacus-model> indicates where you should create your model .

    Hope this helps!
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