Creating a shared folder(remotely) using NFS for rapidminer servers

RaviSwamyAptusRaviSwamyAptus Member Posts: 7 Contributor II
We are creating a shared folder through NFS in one system and accessing the rapidminer-server-home directory of two rapidminer-servers installed on two different systems.
We are able to access the content of rapidminer-server-home directory of individual rapidminer-servers but concurrent access to the content of both server's home directory is not happening(the content of one server home directory is getting overwritten with the other).
Could anyone help us, why this is so and is this implementation is actually possible?

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    BalazsBaranyBalazsBarany Administrator, Moderator, Employee, RapidMiner Certified Analyst, RapidMiner Certified Expert Posts: 955 Unicorn
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    without being a developer: I'm quite sure that this setup is not supported. RM Server expects to have exclusive access to its home directory and it caches a lot of things for best performance. You'll have a corrupted home directory sooner or later if you do this.

    What kind of problem are you trying to solve? 




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    kaymankayman Member Posts: 662 Unicorn
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    Agreed, seems like a bad idea to share the full home directory. However, you can have both repository and extensions folder stored outside of the home directory and refer to these from the configuration files. These folders can then be shared without impacting the rest of the home logic, though not too sure there won't be any side effects... 
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    RaviSwamyAptusRaviSwamyAptus Member Posts: 7 Contributor II
    Hi @BalazsBarany ,
    The problem we wanted to solve is creating a shared folder containing the files of both home directory of rapidminer server, so that if some process in server A wants to access the data stored in repository of server B, it can easily access it through the shared folder.
    Thanks and regards

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    RaviSwamyAptusRaviSwamyAptus Member Posts: 7 Contributor II
    Hi @kayman
    The repository folder is itself not present in the home folder of rapidminer rather it's path is "rapidminer-server/rapidminer-server-9.5.2/modules/system/layers/base/org/jboss/osgi/repository" which we are not sharing. So, there is no question of putting it outside the home directory.
    Thanks and regards,

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