Neural Network (Guess a Wine Price) : How to set up ?

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Hi !

I have to guess a wine price and I think to use a neural network to solve it. However, I'm a real newbie and I don't know how to set it up. You will find my database as attachment, if you have suggestions :) .

Furthermore, I think, maybe, to use a regression tree. Do you have any idea to begin well  with this kind of regression way ?

I used the automodel, but, as you can see with the next RMSE results, I think it's not the right way to guess the price :

  • Generalized Linear Model : 138.918+/-79.683
  • Deep Learning : 123.879 +/- 70.732
  • Decision Tree : 91.116 +/- 57.742
  • Random Forest : 99.553 +/- 60.853
  • Gradient Boosted Trees : 100.984 +/- 61.276
  • Support Vector Machine : 65.184 +/- 32.665
What do you think about ?

My apologize for the disturbing...

Thank you for your future help and have a good year ;) !


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    hi @alois_borgognon  - welcome to the community. This looks like a duplicate post of your previous one. Please refrain from duplicates when possible. Thank you.

    Scott Genzer
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    alois_borgognonalois_borgognon Member Posts: 15 Contributor II
    Hi @sgenzer It's due to I didn't get my answer about the neural network and I tried the solution they suggested and I needed help for this.

    Thanks a lot for your answer.

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