RM Studio 9.5.001 - New Connection SQL Server - tables not showing

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I just got a new win10 rebuild and installed RM 9.5.001 -- I went to add my new connection (vs the old legacy method) to a 2017 SQL Server.  I connected with following URL 
(Note - I replaced my real server and db name in string)


I have a Local Repository-->Connection-->MYSQLServer_Connection - I can pass the TEST CONNECTION and I am able to +Import a data table.  

In my prior version of RM Studio, I was able to use down arrow on the DBName to see all my tables and then access them via retrieve.  When I pull in the retrieve operator now, I just see the MYSQLServer_Connection and no way to get to the data.

I assume I am not using the right driver or something -- PLEASE HELP.


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    User110840User110840 Member Posts: 2 Contributor I
    thank you -- I did stumble into this method but was looking for the table references in the repository directly -- thank you and I will just make this adjustment in my work...
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    The DB repository was quite frankly very broken in many cases, and is therefore not supporting the new connections and will be dropped eventually.

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