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I used Rapidminer for the first time for clustering with kmeans. I dont have any data experience so I dont really understand the results (overview, heat map etc) from the clustering model visualizer. I just cant interpret them.

My dataset is pretty easy with just 200 customers from a mall. There were 4 columns: Gender, Age, Annual Income, Spending Score (how often a customer was buying in a mall / spendings).
I took 3 selected attributes (age, income, spending score). In the end I want to know who belongs to my target group (high income and high spendings with information about gender and age) for marketing strategy.

So what does it mean when it says:
Cluster 0:
Annual Income is on average 71,38 % smaller, Age is on average 66.21 % smaller, Spending score is on average 54.77 % larger

Cluster 1:

I had k= 5 clusters.

Thanks for helping me!!! :-)


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    This is describing the elements in any given cluster compared to the overall dataset.  So it is basically a comparison of that cluster's profile vs the whole population.
    So in your example, the first cluster (Cluster 0 because java counting starts with zero) generally has younger people with lower than average incomes, but who spend more.
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