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I know it has been asked before, but I simply can't figure out, how to renew my educational license. I am a first year PhD student, and was granted an educational license in 2019 (Thank you!). Now, my license is about to end in 75 days, and I am starting to get "Times running out!" warning messages when running RapidMiner. If I click the "Renew license" button I don't see any options that pertains to the Educational license. What am I doing wrong, and what should I do?

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  • mbsmbs Moderator, Member, KB Contributor Posts: 291   Unicorn

    you can ask @Jasmine_ too ;) may be she can help you o:)
  • Casper72Casper72 Member Posts: 11 Contributor I
    Thank you :) Will try to get in touch with them.
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    Hi @Casper72, you can renew your educational license on this page:Β If you go to the RapidMiner website and click "My Account", you should see an option for "Educational Program" under licenses. This page will allow you to apply for a new license, I hope this helps!
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