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Hi all,
I'm running Monitored Local Deployment (connected to a local MSAccess DB file) for a classification model (Gradient Boosted Trees, Deep Learning and Decision Tree), but the DRIFTS tab always shows an error:

All the other tabs are functional (except for Alert and Integration). I've scored about 300 items within 24 hours of deployment. What could be the issue?
PS: I'm not a programmer but a researcher. I'm running RM Studio with an educational license.


  • dyoolyoosdyoolyoos Member Posts: 2 Newbie
    is Drifts reliant on having a model that has been running for months or years?
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    Hi @dyoolyoos,
    You do not need to run it for years. It should work with any score.

    Can you maybe check your server log, maybe you got some errors there?

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