Memory Buffered File / Returning summary of a linear model from R-Script to RapidMiner

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Hi there,

I am trying to load / read the results of a R-Script in Rapidminer.

As a result of the code:

lm_mod_dyn <- lm(UNITS ~ PR ,data = data)

summary (lm_mod_dyn) 

RapidMiner gives back 
Memory buffered file

In this post it is said, that it is important to convert the results of a script to a dataframe, so I changed the script to:


lm_mod_dyn <- lm(UNITS ~ PR ,data = data)

NewData <- data.frame(summary (lm_mod_dyn) )



Now I get a new Error :

Is there a solution for that?

Best regards and have a nice weekend

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    MPB_MPB_ Member Posts: 45 Guru
    Hi @yyhuang

    thank you so much for saving me (again).

    Have a great week :)
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