Huge field trial regarding global economy, ecology and society

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Dear all,

we live in a complex global world with plenty of different varying influences and observable effects.
Right now we are facing a single major influence value, Corona virus, that affect the worlds economy, ecology and society.
- How does pollution correlate with number of infected persons?
- How does stock market indices correlate with number of infected persons?
- What is delay time between number of infected persons and number of recovered persons?
- How does infection rate correlate with local temperature?
- Is it possible to show any correlation between infection and happyness...?
- ...

I am very interested in this topic and i think it's worth to start a data analysis project, but i have limited capabilities. My area of expertise is:
- system theory and system identification (from PhD in control theory),
- statistics and pattern recognition and
- a deeper understanding of root-cause analysis.

Who is interested in this topic, as well?
Who has some idea:
- Where to gain data?
- How to process data, e.g. by rapid miner? (i used the software a while ago, but only a little...)

Please contact me via PN
community: tell us, why this is not realistic, poor idea, no adding value etc.



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    Could you please tell me a bit more about the project with a private message? I like to work on that and I hope with data science can help people to erase this virus and affect of that from all over the world.

    Please if you are agree with my working on that send a private message and tell me more about it.

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