X-Cobweb problem

LisiLisi Member Posts: 2 Newbie

Can somebody help to understand why the X-Cobweb algorithm won´t work just like it does in Weka? I´m trying to cluster the classic zoo.arff data set. In Weka works fine but in RapidMiner it shows each instance in a separate cluster. 

Thanks in advance


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    MPB_MPB_ Member Posts: 45 Guru
    Hey @Lisi ,
    could you please share the process or at least the parameters which are set for the clustering?
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    LisiLisi Member Posts: 2 Newbie
    Hi. Yes, of course.

    The process consist of a readArff Operator (which reads the file zoo.arff) and the output port of this operator connects to a W-Cobweb Operator with the Following parameters:

    - A: 1.0
    - C: 0.0028
    - S: 4.2

    This last operator uses both outputs and connect them to res.

    I attach the output from RapidMiner and what I get from Weka.

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    [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 Learner III
    edited March 2020

    Did you check some settings in weka and rapidminer?( I mean that both of them in the setting of process should be the same. Most of the time people forget to check them.) :)

    So please check all options of process in both software then if you see the problem again send your process and data in order we can check it again. ;)

    Thank you
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