How to pass diff attribute in group by attribute in aggregate operator as per config file iteration

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How to change select attribute value dynamically in aggregate operator.

e.g First time I will pass one attribute in the group by attribute and next time i need to pass two attributes in a group by attribute but it is not hardcoded.

if I added any combination in config the as per config it will pass attributes in the select attribute.

     First-time I pass  "Customer"
    Second iteration I pass "Customer" and "Beneficiary"
    The third iteration I pass "Customer", "Beneficiary" and Risk Profile

I have stored all config attribute in macro as per iteration values is stored in macro but how to passed in group by attribute Runtime in Select attribute?

For me first-time works but it hardcoded value I passed in a macro value in the group by attribute 



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    hi @sgnarkhede2016 sorry no one has chimed in here. I can try to help but I need to see an actual data set + process. Can you pls post?


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