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increment filter example

jhiKljhiKl Member Posts: 12 Contributor I
Hi i'm new in rapidminer and have tried the possible ways to achieve my result but i'm having a hard time achieving it. How can I increment filter example? I'm working on a data set that gets the top 3 items per month. What i got to do is loop through the example set but my example filter is always in the month 1 only.
My example set
item id, month, sales
1, jan, 25
2 jan, 45
3, jan, 56
4, jan, 36
Expected result
3, jan, 56
2, jan, 45
4, jan, 36 and so on..


Best Answers

  • jhiKljhiKl Member Posts: 12 Contributor I
    Solution Accepted
    Thank you for your help I finally did it!



  • jhiKljhiKl Member Posts: 12 Contributor I
    edited March 2020
    Hi, sorry whenever I connect my loop value to the set macro it does not show any attributes. Do you guys happen to know why? It seems like it cannot get my data.
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