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how to select

LeMarcLeMarc Member Posts: 57 Contributor II
edited April 11 in Help
Hi community,

I created a process of prediction models which includes three different algorithms (K-NN, Naive Bayes and decision tree).

Those models are performed at the same time by using the 'Loop Parameters' and 'Select Subprocesses' Operator. Now the model with the highest performance shall be applied for the chosen data set. So my questions are:
1)How to find the best model/measure the performance of all three models at the same time?
2)How to use that particular model?

Alternatively each algorithm could be used in three seperate processes and individually measured the performance. But I would like to have all models in one process.

Thank you for the help!
Stay safe!


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  • LeMarcLeMarc Member Posts: 57 Contributor II
    edited April 13
    Thank you @hbajpai for your great idea! That was quite helpful! Also a great idea to use the Operator Optimize Parameter to the prediction models itself!

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