Logistic regression

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Where is logistic regression located within Operators?

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    Okay, Varun, I did locate logistic regression. I'm a newbie from Data Science A-Z on line. I'm familiar with gretl statistical software, building models using logistic regression. I stumbled upon Rapid Miner while searching for the best data mining software. I'm beginning at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gg01mmR3j-g&list=PLssWC2d9JhOZLbQNZ80uOxLypglgWqbJA Getting Started With Rapid Miner. I have a data set called creditriskdata loaded in the Repository. My goal is to build a model using logistic regression which will tell me which borrower attributes are most likely to lead to default. My plan is to take my data set through each of the getting started videos and learn what works. Do you think that is good strategy? Thank you for your time. Tony
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