Hi how do I import an excel file with date and time information?

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I have an excel table showing activities that were performed on various dates and time.. in the excel file do I import these as 2 separate columns and can the format be dd/MM/YYYY and time HH:MM.. or must it be in one column, i.e. dd/MM/YYYY@HH:MM.. I tried this single column but the import process re-set the time info to 12:00

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    Hi guys, this is very useful indeed. I used Scott's method and got it to work.. using the nomial to date converter

    Acting on a hint from Roger's post, I actually spent some time to get an appropriate format, i.e. dd/MM/yyyy Hh:mm and I found that I did not even need to do any conversion, on importing the rapidminer software auto-detected it to be a date and time and it works fine

    Thank u so much! Now I can finally get to analysing the stuff... cheers!
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    Lesson learnt : Easier to get the format sorted at the source, i.e. the excel file to avoid conversions.. cheers
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