How to include Turbo Process on the data post model deployment on server.

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I have configured the rapidminer server and studio both of the latest version. Post that have created one turbo process on some labelled data to create the perfect model for my dataset and deployed the same on the rapidminer server.
During the model deployment and data preparation there were various attribute changes for example:- removal of various unecessary attributes, generation of new attributes from old one basis of some data functions like split, trim, concatenate etc.. Now once the model is deployed  in rapidminer server and configured as a web service it expects the unlabelled data as the same dataset.
How can I configure the turbo process used to modify the labelled data on the unlabelled data as a real time request instead of everytime going through the rapidminer studio. 


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    You would have to create a RapidMiner process to do all the data ETL and pre-processing and then expose it as a service (basically the same thing that you are doing for the prediction itself).
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