How do you add the ID in Auto Model for scoring and define actuals purposes?

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Hi everyone! Probably a simplistic question above. Do I just include the ID column during Auto Model>Select Inputs, and then un-tick the Model Types>Data Preparation>Remove Columns with Too Many Values? Sorry for this silly question but I can't seem to figure this out. Thanks!
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    I think I've resolved the issue (I've been looking at it the wrong way). Yes, IDs should not be included when running Auto Model (it just adds to the run time). Also, best to make sure the ID column name in the Scoring Data sheet is different from any columns used in the model (there seems to be a bug which interferes with accuracy of error rates during scoring and define actuals). Lastly, don't expect that scoring predictions will show the IDs (only the row number is shown), although this is a feature that should be included for cross-referencing purposes or when exporting scoring predictions.


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    hi @dyoolyoos Auto Model does not recognize the id 'role' - I usually just deselect it in the "Select Inputs" step.

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