RapidMiner Python API for Individual Operators

winnwinn Member Posts: 11 Learner I
Looking at RapidMiner Python Scripting documentation here: https://docs.rapidminer.com/latest/developers/python/ and the implementation in Studio: https://github.com/rapidminer/python-rapidminer/blob/master/docs/api/Studio.md, I can see that RapidMiner has mainly 3 APIs to integrate with Python: read_resource, write_resource and run_process. 
I am wondering if there is an an API to execute only specific operators using Python script. For example, if I want to run only Read CSV operator or Decision Tree operator without creating it as a process?


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    winnwinn Member Posts: 11 Learner I
    @tkenez Since you are a Python expert. Any idea on this?
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    tkeneztkenez Employee, RapidMiner Certified Expert, Member Posts: 22 RM Product Management
    Hi there,

    The unit of execution in the RapidMiner world are processes, so that unit of execution is supported on the Python API as well.
    You always have to create a process (in your case a single-operator one if that's what you need) and interact from Python code via the run_process method.

    Why would this be important in your use case? Or do you find this too cumbersome? I'm really curious.

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