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Hello guys :)
I need help. I got assignment that I have to predict "y" value using Naive Bayes algoritm. The data I have to use is very big, complex, and doesnt make too much sense to me. I posted them under "train" file. Values from "Xo" to "X8" are in letters, and other are binary. Only normal value is "y" . Value "y" i put to nominal value(cuz of Bayes), and label it. I also put the proces in archive. I watched many tutorials, but I think the problem is with my data. I know that i need to remove some irelevant data, but its just to many for my knowlage and current skills. In performance I got 0.32% accuracy. Can u please look at my Rapidminer program and train files and tell me what to do and how? Or maybe this isn´t the right algorythm for my problem, thats also an option.
Thank u so much  :)

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    yoak95yoak95 Member Posts: 2 Newbie
    Thank u guys for the help ! With your advices i managed to get 70,64% accuracy  :)
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