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How to get the whole process after auto model

nero786nero786 Member Posts: 5 Contributor I
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I ran auto model and got the result to predict an attribute. I wanted to see the complete process after "open process", as shown on the website. But instead I am getting basic blocks inside which was the detail process. How should I use it to improve further and how to know which is the best prediction model? I am new to it and any help to accurately predict and modify the process will be appreciated.

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  • lionelderkrikorlionelderkrikor Posts: 1,047   Unicorn
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    Select the "Find Optimal Parameters" operator and you will see its parameters in the "parameters" panel.
    Then click on Edit Parameters Settings : Inside you can select the hyperparameters you want to tune and their range :




  • lionelderkrikorlionelderkrikor Moderator, RapidMiner Certified Analyst, Member Posts: 1,047   Unicorn
    Hi @nero786,

    Mmhh..., just double-click on the blocks (called "subprocesses") to enter in these blocks and see what's inside these blocks...

    Hope this helps,


  • nero786nero786 Member Posts: 5 Contributor I
    Yes I did do that and I saw bunch of processes, even I tried to attach word doc with the images of the process here on the community but don't know why it did not used it. But thanks lionelderkrikor, also all the other models shows similar processes and sub-processes. How should I improve the model from the rapid miner auto model?
  • nero786nero786 Member Posts: 5 Contributor I
    Here is the file.
  • nero786nero786 Member Posts: 5 Contributor I
    Hello Varun and Lionel,
    I did not enabled those two options. Thanks for that!!

    train model -> Optimize  ? -> click on Find Optimal Parameters (Optimize parameters operator) and click on Edit parameters settings------------ I did not see edit parameters settings.

    Smart people think the same way  ;) Lionel.
  • nero786nero786 Member Posts: 5 Contributor I
    Thanks Lionel... you all guys are doing a great job by helping. Keep up the good work.
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