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Texblob similar function in rapidMiner

HeikoeWin786HeikoeWin786 Member Posts: 48 Contributor II
Dear all,

I want to calculate subjectivity for each of the user review comment in my dataset i.e. in excel. I learnt Textblob in Python can detect the subjectivity.  But, I am not sure which operator to be used in rapid miner.
Basically, I want to identify the subjectivity of each user comments by subjectivity score for each sentence. The comments are in excel, the output is to add one new column as subjectivity score. 

Could you kindly please share any idea on this?

Thanks much in advance,

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  • HeikoeWin786HeikoeWin786 Member Posts: 48 Contributor II
    Hello Kayman, I had tried that and it works as explained. superb! Thanks much for your explanation here :)

    Best regards,
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