2 X-axis and 2 Y-axis plot.

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Hi all, 

I was wondering if somebody would know if it is possible to do a plot with 2 X-axis and 2-Y-axis plot. The goal of that is to compare a filtered set of data with the original. In Y, I have the level of a tank and in X the date. As an example, I would say that I am filtering my level to be above 4000 liters and if the level is under 4000 liters, take the data out. After the filter, I have a set of data that the date are not all there, some have been filtered some my 2 sets of date are not identical anymore. Now, I want to compare the resulting curves between my original datas and my filtered ones. I was wondering if somebody knew how to do that in RM. 

If it is impossible, I know it is not the same compagny so maybe my post will get deleted but I am asking, does anybody know a way to do it in Excel. RM is my first solution, but my second would be to write an Excel with my datas and do my plots in Excel if it is working.

Note: I know how to have multiples Y-axis in RM and a secondary axis in Excel, but I would like to have 2 X-axis to compare my curves in RM.


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    We experimented with multiple X-axes, but it did get very confusing very quickly. Also, we allow some cool plot tricks, like adding more than one plot onto the same chart. For those reasons, we decided to not add the option of additional X-axes.
    But from what I understand what you want to do, both Martins idea as well as adding multiple plots should work?

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