I need to extend a student's educational license for a few months or a year

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I have a student that used Rapid Miner more then a year ago and her license expired.  She is currently in my MSDS655 - Business Intelligence course this Summer that uses RapidMiner for many of the labs.  Can you let me or the student know how she can renew her license for at least a few more months or another year.   My email is rmason@regis.edu and the student email is lboyce@regis.edu  (her name is Leidy Boyce).
I sent an email yesterday, however no one has replied from RapidMiner.

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    User19001User19001 Member, University Professor Posts: 2 University Professor
    Students are trying this now, I'll let you know if we run into issues.  THANKS.
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    ClutchHutchClutchHutch Member Posts: 2 Newbie
    I'm a student..so how or another I clicked on the enterprise/commercial version, which only gives a 30 day free Trail. I'm a Student and can no longer access the Turbo Prep/ Auto Model. I've tried resetting, uninstalling/re-installing, but it gives me the same version. When I try to get a new license key, it recognizes my email and reverts me to the free trail version. I need help yesterday. I have a group project in a week and cannot help up my classmates.
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    hi @ClutchHutch pls start a chat and someone will help you with that.
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