I want to convert the decision tree description into VBA for an Excel sheet.

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Has this been done? If so, can you point me in the right direction?  I am not an experienced VBA person.

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    Well, you can export the tree rules from the description pretty easily as text.  After that I think you are going to need some kind of text parsing tool to handle the conversion.  You might be able to build this inside RapidMiner if you know all the other parts of the VBA code you need and are comfortable using the Process Documents and related text mining operators, but there may be more direct way of handling this directly within VBA as well (I am no VBA expert either).
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    I have extracted the text with no problem.  I am not used the text mining operators in Rapid Miner and did not think that would be an option.  The good part is that the tree description is short. Any recommendations  for a text parsing tool?
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