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Missing Test Date Column in Forecast Validation

SkyTraderSkyTrader Member Posts: 35 Contributor I
edited August 2 in Help
I was following the Elaborate Your Time Series Analysis video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2182&v=Hvdh8ItfiGA&feature=emb_logo

It clearly shows a date column when you're doing a performance (regression) analysis using ARIMA. Pls see YouTube "Elaborate Your Time Series" video image.

I set up my process the same as the video but don't have this test date to refer to?
Pls see images:

and yet I set the attribute as Date as in the video instructions? 

So could someone please tell me how do I get a date reference?

Also is there a way to swap the order of the close column and the forecast column so that the forecast column comes first before the actual close?


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  • tftemmetftemme Administrator, Employee, RapidMiner Certified Analyst, RapidMiner Certified Expert, RMResearcher, Member Posts: 141  RM Research
    Hi @SkyTrader

    Have you set your Date attribute as the indices attribute as well at the ARIMA operator? 

    Normally you can reorder attributes by using the "Reorder Attributes" operator. Unfortunately in the result view, attributes with special roles (in this case the 'Label' and the 'Prediction' role) are shown in the beginning of the table and also in a fixed order. 

    If you really need a different order, you can use Set Role operator to convert them into regular attributes and then use Reorder Attributes to order as you need them. You loose the special role information by doing this, though.

    Hopes this helps
    Best regards,
  • SkyTraderSkyTrader Member Posts: 35 Contributor I
    Hi @tftemme, cheers for getting back to me and thanks for the Elaborating Times Series video!

    "Have you set your Date attribute as the indices attribute as well at the ARIMA operator?"

    I don't think so... but when I go to do that the attributes drop down values that automatically populated the drop down menu are now all missing? They used to show all the attributes of my Excel sheet. Pls see image:

    Thank you for the attribute sort order tips.

    Best regards
    Sky Trader
  • SkyTraderSkyTrader Member Posts: 35 Contributor I
    Thanks for the help @tftemme, much appreciated.

    I decided to go back to my Read Excel and used the import wizard again and all the attributes are now populating the dropdown menu and now I've set the "has indices" to Date, and the date column has appeared and everything looks good!

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