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What Qualities a Good Starter Sewing Machine Must Have

This can be a bit difficult for you to choose the best sewing machine for beginners  when you are just new to the world of sewing. Sewers who are passionate about their sewing career often end up with wrong sewing machine because of lack of knowledge. A sewer must have enough information to choose the right sewing machine for themselves without wasting any of your money

One thing that needs to be addressed is there is no sewing machine that is wrong or right but it’s all about your needs and at what level you are? If you are sewing at a beginner’s level and you are just trying to master basic projects then here we are helping you in knowing how to choose entry-level sewing machine and what factors you should consider while buying one.

Types of Sewing Machines:

The first thing you need to analyze is how many types of sewing machines are there in the market and according to your work requirement, which one is the best? If you want to work on heavy fabric then I recommend choosing mechanical sewing machine or heavy-duty sewing machine that can tackle any kind of garment.

If you just want to start sewing and understand the whole processes as well as working on light fabrics then go for a computerized sewing machine. You need to write down what kind of projects you are willing to attempt on the sewing machine.

Sewing Speed:

The first quality a sewing machine must make your work easier is an impressive stitching speed. No matter if you are new or you are replacing old sewing machine with computerized one, slow stitching can make you furious and you will stop working after some time. Always look for high-speed sewing machines in starter models. The speed must be adjustable according to your work requirement.


If you are the kind of person who likes to travel with the sewing machine, you need to go to the sewing classes and work with the community and for other things as well, then you will look for the portability factor. Portability is the basic concern of sewers who are not able to handle heavy sewing machines but they need something reliable too, computerized sewing machine is portable as well as they are easy to pack in your traveling bags.

Less Complication:

While choosing a starter sewing machine for yourself, one thing that should be clear in your mind is to choose something with less complication. If you have never used a sewing machine in your whole life then always choose one machine that has easy features and you can start using right away. Every sewing machine has an instructional DVD and manual so you can take help from it. Keep it simple until you are expert enough to handle professional sewing machines.

Built-in Qualities:

Seamstresses and tailors who are still using grandmother sewing machines without any of the modern features must understand how hard it is to prepare a sewing machine for use. Now modern sewing machines have a built-in feature that can make your work easier and it can shorten all the complex procedures. Always look for a sewing machine that is loaded with modern-day features so you can work in peace.


This will not be a wise decision when you are spending thousands of dollars on a starter sewing machine without knowing how to operate it. In the beginning, you should go for an affordable sewing machine with fewer prices and high-quality work. Choose cheap sewing machines for beginners so you don’t have to regret if that sewing machine is not up to the mark or not suitable for your requirements. Spend wisely.

Fabric Handling:

In so many sewing machines, people complain that sewing machine is eating their fabric as well as machine is not able to handle heavy fabrics. While choosing a sewing machine for your work, make sure you are checking how many types of fabric this sewing machine can handle and if you are sewing thick fabric, whether it’s possible for a sewing machine to handle it with efficiency or not? Fabric handling plays a great role in producing a quality garment.

Basic Accessories:

After choosing the right sewing machine for your work, the next thing you should look for is whether it has all the basic accessories or not? If the sewing machine is not coming up with accessories then you have to invest separately which can cost for you. Computerized sewing machines come up with basic accessories that last for more than 4 years and you don’t have to invest anymore on accessories.

Motor Noise:

Old sewing machines were difficult to handle because the motor of those machines was loud and annoying. If you work all the time on the sewing machine then you need to choose something with low noise or silent. If you choose some branded sewing machine, the motor of that sewing machine will be quiet and you can work in peace. The motor of new computerized sewing machines is reliable and long-lasting.

Multiple Facilities:

In some of the sewing machines you will be able to see how other than sewing, a sewing model can also provide quilting and embroidery facilities. With just one sewing machine, you can do multiple tasks at a time. While choosing a starter sewing machine you can find something extraordinary in the market based on your knowledge, requirement, and budget.


Once you are sure about work requirements and budget, you can find the right sewing machine for yourself. Now you don’t have to confront a question again and again that what is the best basic sewing machine to buy because it all depends on your needs and budget. If you are working on a heavy project then go for a heavy-duty sewing machine as it can be the best machine for you.

If you are passionate about sewing machines and you are willing to gain more knowledge , you can  find out here about the latest sewing models. Get your hands on the best sewing machine and maintain it for the long term power-packed performance.


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