writing output into excel.

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hi all,   Im  on the process of extracting features from the time series data and use those features
as input data set to the classification algorithm.    

Enclosing the process.  Im trying to write into excel, which Im not succecssful and it ended up in saying " memory buffered file".

1. My query is , whether this is the only approach to extract features and then  to use for further classification algorithm in rapidminer.
2. In generral,  How to write the results into excel for further usage  and then to read again as input data set.



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    ThiruThiru Member Posts: 100 Guru
    @varun,  thanks for your reply.    it works.  How to get this excel in  rapidminer repository window. Im not able to view this in RM folder even if i set the parameter in the 'write excel operator'  to local repository.  How to access this in repository. thanx.
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