Is there operator for Rand Index?

kal12kal12 Member Posts: 5 Newbie
Hello community.

I need to do clustering using k-means clustering and the evaluation I need to use the Rand Index but I cannot find the operator for that. Is there any extension or such that provide operator for Rand Index if anyone knows?

Thank you in advance.


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    MartinLiebigMartinLiebig Administrator, Moderator, Employee, RapidMiner Certified Analyst, RapidMiner Certified Expert, University Professor Posts: 3,507 RM Data Scientist
    Hi @kal12,
    i think there is currently no such operator.

    - Sr. Director Data Solutions, Altair RapidMiner -
    Dortmund, Germany
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    kal12kal12 Member Posts: 5 Newbie
    Is there some way that I can do rand index?
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