Trying to produce a decision tree

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I have this error message: Input Titanic example set does not have a label attribute.

How do I go back to label the attribute in the example set?


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    Okay, Lionel, thanks for that. I will learn about Set Role, then try your suggestion. Tony


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    tonyboy9tonyboy9 Member Posts: 113 Contributor II
    Okay, Lionel, I learned about Set Role, inserted it into the process and followed the rest of the tutorial. See the attachment 1.

    I clicked on Run and to my surprise I got a decision tree. I checked "Apply pre-pruning" in the parameters. Isn't this how you make the tree easier to read?

    My last question has to do with the tutorial which explains:

    Goal: In this tutorial a predictive analytics process using a decision tree is shown. It is slightly advanced than the first tutorial. It also introduces basic but important concepts such as splitting the data set into two partitions. The larger half is used for training the decision tree model and the smaller half is used for testing it. Our goal is to see how good the tree model would be able to predict the fate of passengers in the test data set.

    Where do I go to find this?

    Thank you for your time.


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