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I tried to reproduce the tutorial process Regression using Deep Learning.

I don't understand the Generate Data parameters, so I ran the process with defaults in place. See the Results. I'm trying to understand how to make the Titanic Example Set work in place of Generate Data.

Next I tried replacing Generate Data with the sample Titanic. I ran it and got the error message.

My questions are:

Why does the tutorial demonstrate with Generate Data instead of an Example Set?

How can I fix the error message? Which operator do I use to label the Titanic attribute "Survived?"

Thank you for your time.


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    tonyboy9tonyboy9 Member Posts: 113 Contributor II
    Thanks again, Jacob. 

    To set Survived as label, I went to Set Role.

    After that I did some transformation and cleansing.

    Finally I changed to Performance Binomial Classification.

    I clicked on Run, and to my astonishment the whole thing executed!

    Some questions for you about the Results:

    At the bottom of the Results, 4 special attributes, why 2,461 regular attributes? There is no Survived attribute.

    For the green and yellow columns, I can click on the attributes and get up and down arrows, then back to normal. What does all this give me?

    Finally, if you had to guess, how many days would this take writing and debugging code without RapidMiner?

    Thanks again.

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