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Deploying RM server on Docker: Creating dev_rm-proxy-svc_1 error

ZoiphyZoiphy Member Posts: 3 Contributor I
edited September 2020 in Help

Hello everyone,

Recently when I deploy RM-Server with Docker on my local Desktop, there is an error occurring.


Windows 10 Enterprise

Docker: latest stable (46911)

Download image: development and testing purpose

Instruction according to


  1. Setting the variables PUBLIC_URL and SSO_PUBLIC_URL in the .env file
  2. Mapping the external port in the docker-compose.yml file at the rm-proxy-svc service definition, because the default ones are occupied
  3. Running docker network create jupyterhub-user-net-default
  4. Running docker-compose up -d rm-init-svc


  1. After the previous step, an error occurs: Creating dev_rm-proxy-svc_1 ... error (Details seen in log file in attachment). What does it about?
  2. I have the RM Server locally, so I tried to use HTTP for PUBLIC_URL and SSO_PUBLIC_URL variables at first and don’t use ssh. Does it matter for this error?  
I am looking forward to the reply and thanks a lot! 



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