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alainalain Member Posts: 4 Contributor I
The server on which the RapidMiner AI Hub is installed is running out of disk space.

The directory /opt/rapidminer-home/data/broker/activemq is quite large: 49GB.

Is there a way to clean it up?


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    aschaferdiekaschaferdiek Employee, Member Posts: 76 RM Engineering
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    Hi @alain. Do you know which files/directories are large? Log files directly relate to pending messages and thus if you delete the log/journal file you probably also delete all pending messages. From time to time it might still be usefull to wipe everything and then there's no reason why ActiveMQ should be this large in size.
    You can find out folder size distribution with a tool called ncdu or similar if it's installed on your host machine to get a better overview:
    ncdu -r -x /opt/rapidminer-home/data/broker/activemq
    This will open a command line visualization of the directory structure and its size. If it's not installed, you could install it if possible or you can manually check folders with du -sh /opt/rapidminer-home/data/broker/activemq/aSubFolderOfYourChoice although I think ncdu is better for visualizing it.


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    alainalain Member Posts: 4 Contributor I
    Thanks for your prompt reply @aschaferdiek
    The largest file in the folder is db.data (147MB).
    Then there are more than 2800 log files. As you recommended, I will delete these log files.
    Thanks a lot!
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