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Hi dears Would anyone possibly show me an idea how to use rapid miner for testing for example some strategy trading in forex?
I really have no idea how to do that. Could you please elaborate your explanations with some example? at the moment I have no skills of programming , in such a way that I want just work with Statistics and rapid miner and some strategy that it could be tested with Statistics. 


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    hughesfleming68hughesfleming68 Member Posts: 323 Unicorn
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    If you really must try, build a process that predicts the next day high and low. Open and closing prices are practically random but high's and lows are usually influenced by recent historical prices. Calculate the difference which will be the next days range. See if your results are better than using simple moving averages for the same purpose. Learn how to properly label financial time series. There are chapters in books written just about that.


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    Sounds like something for @hughesfleming68 :)
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