how to use loop in Rapidminer

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I have below Data,
I want to check first value with all below values and vice versa is greter or not and put True or False flag in  check column

Sr   A     Check
1   12     
2    5       True
3    8     True

Sr   A     Check
1   12      False
2    5    
3    8       False

Sr   A     Check
1   12      false  
2    5       true
3    8    

How can i do this


  • BalazsBaranyBalazsBarany Administrator, Moderator, Employee, RapidMiner Certified Analyst, RapidMiner Certified Expert Posts: 955 Unicorn

    is this one example set? Or three different ones? In which form do you have them?

    If you have one table and want to change the Check column, you don't need a loop. Just Generate Attributes with something like this:

    A > Sr
    (this will automatically return true or false)

    I hope I understand you correctly. If not, please answer the questions and specify what the Check logic should be.


  • sgnarkhede2016sgnarkhede2016 Member Posts: 152 Contributor II
    this is single table but how can i check iterative ways
    like first time i need to check with "1" with 2,3  and then "2" check with 1,3 etc 
  • sgnarkhede2016sgnarkhede2016 Member Posts: 152 Contributor II
    I want to use multiple for loop in rapidminer as i used in python

    for yr in yr_df['sic'].unique().tolist():
                for index_1,i in sic_df.iterrows():
                    for index_2,j in sic_df.iterrows():
                        if i['name']!=j['name']:                        
                            if i['RevenueTotalR']>=j['below_percnt'] and i['RevenueTotalR']<=j['above_percnt']:
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