Possibility to capitalize first letter in each word

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Hello all,

I'd like to capitalize each word in an example set.

Source (all lower case):

few major cities can claim to have a national park right on their doorstep, but looming over central seoul, and forming a natural northern boundary to the city, are the peaks of bukhansan national park spears and spines of off-white granite that burst out of the undulating pine forests. despite the park’s relatively small size at just 80 square kilometres, its proximity to one of earth’s most populated cities makes it the world’s most visited national park, drawing in upwards of five million visitors per year. while an undeniably beautiful place, its popularity means that trails are often very busy indeed – especially so on warm weekends – and some can be as crowded as shopping mall aisles, hikers literally having to queue up to reach the peaks.

Result (first letter ist upper case):

Few Major Cities Can Claim To Have A National Park Right On Their Doorstep, But Looming Over Central Seoul, And Forming A Natural Northern Boundary To The City, Are The Peaks Of Bukhansan National Park Spears And Spines Of Off-White Granite That Burst Out Of The Undulating Pine Forests. Despite The Park’s Relatively Small Size At Just 80 Square Kilometres, Its Proximity To One Of Earth’s Most Populated Cities Makes It The World’s Most Visited National Park, Drawing In Upwards Of Five Million Visitors Per Year. While An Undeniably Beautiful Place, Its Popularity Means That Trails Are Often Very Busy Indeed – Especially So On Warm Weekends – And Some Can Be As Crowded As Shopping Mall Aisles, Hikers Literally Having To Queue Up To Reach The Peaks.

I tried different approaches with RegEx but I couldn't achieve my goal. Maybe you can help me out? :)

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    Hello Lionel,

    thank you that works perfect!

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