how do we join multiple datasets by using both ID and date together to stitch into one database

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i have historical stock data which I am trying to put together in the same row with historical financial statements, both quarterly and yearly, to match them I want to use the ID first which will match both financial and historical data of a stock and then match it by date accordingly, for example i would want yearly reports of IBM launched on 1st Jan 2019 to be added in the same row with IBM's stock price data for that whole year starting from Jan 1 2019, and then match next year's yearly reports with next year's stock price, so instead of using one ID for joining datasets i want to use two IDs that is the stock id and date range.

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    hellomotohellomoto Member Posts: 5 Learner I
    my brother wrote code that does exactly what I want but it takes hours to just match data just for one stock, I have at least 15 thousand of them to match, and I am confident that if there is a solution in rapidminer for this, it will take a fraction of time compared to what the python code is taking.
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