Steps for applying a model to new datasets in Rapid Miner Go

jsdrewjsdrew Member Posts: 9 Learner I
I'm new to Rapid Miner, currently using Rapid Miner Go.  All of the video tutorials seem to be about Rapid Miner Studio. I've uploaded a dataset, Rapid Miner Go has shown me various predictive models, but when I apply the models to my data again, it shows no matching results. Can anyone point me to how I should setup this data set and others so I can apply the model to them in Rapid Miner Go?


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    aleboalebo Employee, Member Posts: 15 RM Product Management
    Hi jsdrew, 
    We have documentation on how to apply model here: https://docs.rapidminer.com/latest/go/predict/apply/.
    In short, the uploaded data must include the same column names and types as the training set used for model building. 
    If you still can't apply a model, please attach the training and scoring datasets. We will look into the problem. 
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