Need a Ninja - Modest $$ offered

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Hi Folks,

I really NEED a Rapidminer Ninja who is willing to do a $$ job for me.   I'm such a newbie and just using GO but getting results that I need someone to tie off on in a more sophisticated way on Studio. 

Involves only two CSV files that are already ready to go.  Label is Average Daily Price for two different ETFs.  Kind of prefer an XGBoost approach (currently getting excellent results with Decision Trees, SVM and especially Gradient Boosted Trees in GO) but open to possibilities beyond my knowledge base.
Feature engineering, with the exception maybe of running PCA on it, is not necessary. So, pretty straightforward.  Data is lagged twice.

One thing, though: the success criterion MUST be profit/loss of the modeled financial instruments.  

Willing to pay a modest amount.  Not a rich guy, but if this works out more work to come.  Some of it kind of interesting. Prefer confidential treatment of the approaches and material.

Any real Ninja interested? Anyone who has the time, that is? 

Warmly, Richard
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